Common Content Marketing Challenges For Lawyers – How To Overcome

What legal content marketing challenges do law firms and attorneys usually face?

In this lawyer marketing mini guide, we go over the most common issues and how to overcome each one.

The hype over content marketing has gotten many a legal marketing team excited over the prospect of creating and sharing content right away, forgetting that they also need to overcome a handful of legal content marketing challenges.

While the majority of B2C and B2B marketers are using some form of content marketing (1)(2), there’s no denying that making the transition to creating content can take time. And if you don’t know any better, you might end up stopping your efforts after just a few weeks of not getting results.

Does Content Marketing Work?

Of course, the hype and activity over content marketing raise the question: Does content marketing work?”

Hyperbole and clichés like Content is King!” aside, the truth is that content marketing has never been more important.

“While opportunities are there for anyone who sets up a content marketing campaign, it also comes with several challenges that catch even the most marketing-savvy pros off guard,” says Qamar Zaman, legal marketing expert and founder of a Dallas based attorney digital marketing company who specializes in legal marketing.

“Such challenges include ROI problems, underestimating a number of resources needed to run a campaign, and not having a plan,” he adds.

In today’s post, we look at 4 of the most common content marketing challenges you’re likely going to face at some point, what these challenges mean for your strategy, and how you can overcome them.

Content Marketing Challenge #1 – Proving Return on Investment

Does Content Marketing Work & Convert

Many digital marketing teams are familiar with the challenge of having to constantly prove the ROI of their campaigns to senior management and accounting. This is still very much an issue with content marketing. The content marketing struggle of showing ROI is something many teams battle with as their clients ultimately want hard data--be it in the form of leads and conversions--that can be attributed to a specific content asset or channel.

You need to understand that while content marketing does indeed pay off, it takes more time than other digital marketing approaches.

If you’re looking for faster results in terms of traffic and leads, you’re better off with a paid search campaign. But with content marketing, your ROI depends on your campaign’s goal.

If you want conversions, then obviously your content needs to be created in a way that generates sales—a tall order, even for the best marketers.

But you can also measure your success through other ways. If you want improved brand awareness, for example, then measure the number of social shares your content gets. If your goal is to generate high-quality backlinks, then focus on counting your backlinks.

In other words, try to move away from the mindset of measuring the dollar value of content marketing, as it’s not just about selling your services (3).

Content Marketing Challenge #2 – Going Viral

How to Make Blog Content Viral for Law Firms?

This content marketing challenge has been the cause of frustration for many marketers, who go to great lengths to create great video content (or any kind of content for that matter) only for it not to reach their target audience.

Does Content Marketing Work for Lawyers?

This content marketing challenge is often the result of marketers being too excited for their own good that they commit to churning out content asset after content asset, only to burn themselves out. Add in the frustration that sets in when the campaign doesn’t seem to be generating any results, and it’s easy to see why so many campaigns end up being abandoned.

The best way to prevent this from happening is to have a solid content marketing plan before you even create your first content asset.

A content marketing plan will outline:

●     The goals of the campaign
●     Your target audience
●     Your message
●     Your objectives
●     Your milestones
●     Your standard for measuring success

In other words, a plan helps hold your law firm’s campaign together, even if things aren’t going according to plan.

Content Marketing Challenge #4 – Problems Establishing Credibility

How to Segment Content for Audience

Many law firms and attorneys struggle with the digital marketing challenge of establishing themselves as a reputable source of information.

If you’re an attorney, it’s not so much about your credentials as it is your visibility and perceived authority. Remember, your voice is competing against dozens of other “experts” offering advice and insights to your potential clients, making it hard to stand out.

One solution to this problem is to narrow your niche by segmenting your audience into narrower targets. This can make it easier to focus on addressing their specific concerns and pain points, which will help create a solid following for your brand.

If it’s been awhile since your law firm launched a content marketing campaign, you may have encountered some of these challenges. The trick is to act while it’s still early, the better to avoid any costly mistakes that will hurt your campaign.

Watch out for the issues and follow the tips on how to fix them. If you need help with your content marketing campaign, make sure you work with a specialist or agency that knows how to market law firms and attorneys.


Content marketing is NOT a process of trial and error. 
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