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We’re a creative Digital Marketing & Website Design Agency with expertise in exceptional Web Solutions.

As the name implies, KISS PR stands for Keep-It-Super-Simple & Promising-Results!

KISS PR Vision

We keep digital marketing super simple for NON TECH people.

No fluff, just results - Super simple!

PR = Profound Results

Trusted By More Than 28,000 Storytellers

500+ Top Newswires

Vision Statement for KISS PR

First learn stand, then learn fly.

Nature rule. Daniel Son, not mine. MR. MIYAGI

Audacious Moonshot

At KISS PR, our vision is to redefine the essence of digital storytelling by blending artistry with market acumen. Rooted in the vibrant hubs of Dallas, TX and Grand Cayman, we are not just a boutique agency; we are architects of brand narratives. Our commitment is to transform your brand into a living, breathing entity that resonates deeply with its audience.

We see a world where every brand we touch turns into a timeless masterpiece. Our designs aren't just visually stunning; they are strategic masterpieces crafted to convert viewers into a community of happy, loyal customers. We are recognized for our meticulous attention to detail, from commanding color palettes to intricate hand-drawn elements, all underpinned by a robust understanding of typography. Under the guidance of digital marketing virtuosos Qamar Zaman and Ana Zaman, and in partnership with Cayman Story led by Jaci Patrick, Miss World Cayman Islands 2019, our vision extends beyond boundaries. Our global team is a symphony of agility and innovation, creating tailored e-commerce solutions, elevating website rankings, and designing tangible, real-world pieces. Whether it's a digital interface, a retail environment, or product packaging, we ensure every element coalesces to deliver an immersive, impactful brand experience. We envision KISS PR as a beacon for passionate retailers, creative minds, and visionary online business owners. Our mission is to breathe life into their visions, ensuring that every brand story we tell not only echoes but sings across the digital landscape. We are not just building brands; we are setting the stage for a future where every brand interaction becomes a memorable chapter in a never-ending story of success and innovation.

Call us today and allow us to help your business grow to the next level.

Qamar Zaman ~ Heading a Big Vision

My Ambitions Mission is to assist children through - EDUCATION, NUTRITION, AND MENTORSHIP

KISS PR Departmental Heads

We are ready to tell your brand’s story



Director of Digital Media Buys for Legal, Financial and Travel Industries.


CEO & Co-Founder

Ana Khan Co-founded KISS PR. She has more than 12 years of experience in digital marketing, public relations, and news distribution. Before becoming the CEO of KISS PR, Ana was the head of corporate compliance at KISS PR.



Director of Application & News Development

(ICAgile Certified Professional)



Director of Google Advertising

(Google Certified Professional)



Director of News



Director of Support

Skype ID: live:arniejamero



Branch Manager Cayman Islands

(Miss World Cayman Islands 2019)

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Our mission is to make your brand irresistible!

Call us today and allow us to help your business grow to the next level.

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