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Podcast Interview - The Subject Matter Expert by Qamar Zaman (Host) & Rene Perras (Co-Host)

Interviewing "The Subject Matter Experts" is our mission to inspire and educate through conversations!

Founded in December 2021, by founder Qamar Zaman and co-founder Rene Perras, The Subject Matter Experts Podcast is an invitation-only professional storytelling podcast, hosted by experts. Perras and Zaman interview subject matter experts specialists on a specific topic through engaging conversations.

Qamar Zaman


Rene Perras


The knowledge-based thought leadership platform is for founders and leaders of fast-growing law firms, and executives of large and innovative businesses’ who wish to improve their company's nimbleness

Interview Process


  • We will provide you with a form with a list of questions. Once you have completed the form, our team will review and assess your story’s newsworthiness.
  • If you are selected, you will be sent a calendar invite so you can select an appropriate time for the recording of the future podcast.
  • The podcast is an interview typically lasting 30 minutes.

Post Interview

Our team will edit the interview and create a transcript of the podcast. We'll upload the podcast to some of the top podcast channels, which will include:

Get Featured:


    Podcast Brand Awareness

    We may distribute the podcast to the press, this will be determined on a case-by-case basis. The guest interviewed will have their online presence and personal branding enhanced by the podcast resulting in:

    Connections - As a subject matter expert, we will assist in sharing your expertise as a thought leader. The podcast content will be amplified employing best practices on social media utilizing your following. It will allow your audience to learn more about you without coming off like a sales pitch by connecting with people who know you.

    Publishing, (if submitted to the newswires) - Your show will be positioned to be discovered on top newswires, reaching journalists, bloggers, and social media influencers.

    Growth - Based on our experience in the field of news media we have observed that Digital PR has helped increase the development of personal brands for our subject matter specialists.

    Kindly contact for more information:

    Contact Agnes Zang