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Do Electricians or Electrical Contractors Need SEO?

Several electrical contractors and electricians still struggle with the concept of SEO and how it might benefit their business. They tend to think that SEO has no bearing on what they do; hence it may not make any difference to their line of work. Another added advantage that the electrical contractors have on their side is the flourishing business they are already into. The bottom line is that they are satisfied with their business revenue and they do not feel the need to increase or grow their business. Unfortunately, this may not always be the case. With more number of electricians and electrical contractors entering the market already equipped with SEO may affect the businesses of the Electrical contractors those who are not into SEO at all. It is always better to stay ahead of the curve rather than playing catch up.

Here are few reasons for Electricians to start to Focus on SEO

In simple terms, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is online marketing strategy that increases the visibility of your business on search results which will in turn lead to potential customers visiting your website through search engines. As existing players in the market, it is important to embrace SEO and weave it through your websites before competitors with SEO, take over your business share.

  1. The new search index – The way people look for products and services has completely changed. They are not using telephone directories or yellow pages to find the services they are looking for. Almost, everything has moved online to search engines. People depending on the search engines to find the answers to all of their queries and requirements. This is especially true for local businesses. The Goole Search result page, Google Maps and Local directories return results for queries about services in desired areas.
  2. Cheaper Advertising – Using an old school advertising methods are expensive compared to internet marketing. SEO is one of the cheaper advertising methods among Internet marketing strategies. With good SEO practices, your business can get to the top of search results which will attract good number of potential customers to visit your site. This is also a more direct way of advertising where your website is displayed only to the potential customer who is actively looking for electrical services. Therefore, SEO is far more effective way getting more clients and business.
  3. Quick Results – Electricians and Electrical contractors generally look for projects in their locality. Since, they are not concerned with electrical contracts across the country, it reduces their competition greatly. They have to just compete with the local electricians and contractors for a top spot in the search results. Local SEO strategy is a quick process by which they can soon see the changes in the traffic to their website and conversions of website visitors to customers.

The primary focus of SEO activities is to rank your website on the top 10 search results and your website or business listing has to be ranked on top of Google and other search engines when a potential customer is actively searching for electricians or electrical contractors. It is important to rank your website on Google page 1 result because that is where your website can attract as many potential customers as possible. While your Business listing is on Google page 1, your website will attract a huge number of visitors who are actively looking for the electrical services you offer, that you can easily turn into leads.