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Why a Dentist is in need of SEO?

Why a Dentist is in need of SEO?

Do dentists require a website and SEO? The answer is: Absolutely 'Yes,' because without online presence it will become real hard for any dentist to be found by the dental patients. In today's world, people are taking the help of search engines to find the doctors information, contact details and to book an appointment. When people searching for dental services on the internet and if your information is not found by them on Local search results; then you may lose all or most of them. Therefore, for dental practitioners, it is absolutely vital to be on top of people's mind or a search result page to grow the business.

Most people now turn to the search engines to find the answers to their questions. If someone needs a dental procedure they will turn to Google to find the closest and reputable dental clinic. It doesn't matter if you are just starting out or an established dental practitioner, everyone needs SEO to be on top of the search result page for better business opportunities.

What will be the effect of SEO on Dental Practice?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a process of increasing the number of visitors to a website through search engines. SEO can improve your dental practice with –

  1. Strong online presence – SEO can boost your online presence by your website or Business listing appearing on top of the search results for any dental or dentist related query. People looking for a dentist will visit your website and the new visitors increase; hence the online presence gets stronger.
  2. Well Optimized Website – As part of SEO activities the website is greatly improved. The website should be user friendly and attractive with useful or informative content so that new visitors stay for longer on your website. The time spent by a visitor is noted by Google analytics and it considers the website as an informative source and ranks it well on the search results. A dentist website should be simple and easy to navigate
  3. Website Authority – Search engines are constantly looking for robust websites that are well optimized with good content. With consistent SEO activity focusing target keywords and improved content your website can be recognised as a high authority website in the dental arena of discussions.Make sure the website is categorized well as per the topics and services provided. Example: Typically a simple website for a doctor shall have the following pages


    About/ Profile page

    Services offered


    Success stories


    Contact information

    Call-to-action (Book an appointment pop-up)

  4. More Business – With all these changes to improve the website, it will quickly begin to attract new visitors to the clinic. Get start with Local SEO strategy f for a consistent increase in the number of patients to your clinic.

How quick you can expect considerable results?

SEO is a slow, consistent and on-going process. It will take a couple of months for SEO experts to first work on your website making it SEO friendly. It is essential to spend time at this stage and make sure the website meets all the requirements of the search engines before starting the next phase of work. The search engine will also take some time to notice and recognise all the changes and updates made to the website. It will take at least 3 to 5 months to notice considerable top rankings on search engines. However, small changes in the ranking can be noticed and tracked in couple of weeks. Patience and persistence is the key for a successful SEO campaign.