SEO Guidelines for Plumbers – KISS PR

What Type of SEO efforts is required for Plumbers to get more leads from Search Engines?

With the help of search engines people trying to find everything on online they are looking for. Plumbing is no exception to this. Plumbing problems are most common and frequent issues faced by the home owners or tenants. When someone requires plumbing service, the first step is to search for nearby plumbers on internet (especially Google). Therefore it has become absolutely essential for plumbers to have an online presence and appear in search results for increased business opportunities. To meet these requirements, plumbing service providers should have a website or a Business listing specifying their experience, skill levels, the types of work they undertake and testimonials. These websites should also be SEO friendly for it to feature in the top of local search results. With consistent SEO activity the website can be ranked on top of Google.

Below are a few SEO tips to improve your Google Rankings

Google My Business (GMB) – Local listings with GMB and other online directories can have a direct and positive impact on your search engine rankings. As a first step claim your business on Google MY business and optimise it with the right information and images. Information like Business name, location and contact details on GMB should be accurate and same as mentioned in the website and other local listings or directories. This is a quick way to get listed and to be found on Google search and Google maps when people in your locality and surrounding areas are searching for your plumbers.

Keywords Selection – Finding the right keyword is the key to perfect SEO that leads to top page rank and drive qualified traffic to your website. The keywords should be selected based on what your local customers are looking for and their search patterns. The finalised set of keywords should be seamlessly woven into the blogs, website content and website on page factors.

Website Content Quality – A website is the first thing a potential customer will encounter while searching for plumbing solutions. It should be a source where they find accurate information about the business and the services offered. The content on the website should be optimised with the right keywords. It is also highly recommended to add good quality pictures, testimonials and completed jobs. This will increase the confidence of the customer to approach you for the job. The Contact Us page on your website is crucial because it is the primary way a customer can get in touch with you. It should be accessible from anywhere on the website and simple to use.

Blogs – Blog is an interesting part of a website. They are very beneficial and can serve multiple purposes. Blogs help you add useful and optimized articles to your site frequently. It is the best place to address the most popular plumbing issues people encounter and answer their questions regarding the same. Thus, blogs are an easy way for you to connect with your customers. The comment section is also a good place to engage with your customers. From an SEO stand point it is almost mandatory to have a blog. It allows you to add several pages to the website which in turn gives a chance to use more keywords and rank for them. Each blog can focus on a keyword while offering a solution to your customer. Search engines recognise the continuous activity on blogs and tend to pay attention to your website.