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How to Make the Most Out of Google Local Listings?

Google Local Listings displays the local businesses basic information like Business Name, Location, Phone number, business hours, reviews, pictures, other contact details and information on Google search results when searched with any keyword ending with location name. It helps local people to find local services and products of any business quickly and easily. It is a simple transition from Yellow pages or phone directories to an online platform called Google My Business (GMB). In today's internet search, Google local results are playing a vital role. And it has become almost a mandatory local marketing strategy for business owners to list their business information on Google my business in order to be found on Google local search results and to gain trust of potential customers. And Google local listing gives the customer a sense of confidence to reach-out or contact the business or a store quickly. Knowing When Google My Business is optimised and used to its full potential it becomes one of the largest assets for the business itself. However, getting a well SEO optimized local listing on Google is the key here. Often times, business owners under estimate the business income from Google my Business, when done right.

Today, people depend on Google to locate the local businesses. Below are few GMB basics that help boost your business presence on Google Local search results:

  1. Claim your listing – The first step is, claim your listing and update it with relevant and latest information on your Business name/ Title. Leaving your business unclaimed is risky. It could mislead a lot of potential customers or even worse someone else can claim it and update their business details. To exercise full control over the information that is out there about your business it is best to claim it at the earliest.
  2. Update Missing Information – If your local listing was set up a while back and has not been a priority then it is time now to check back and update the listing. A local listing is the first encounter your potential customer will have with your business. As the first experience the customer should be given all the accurate and up to date information for it to translate into income. A customer coming all the way to your location just to find out your business hours starts from 10:00AM and not 09:00AM as mentioned in the listing is a disappointing experience for the customer and a lost opportunity for the business.
  3. Map location – The Map pin is a crucial element to your business. The go to option for directions is the GPS, for many people. If the customer follows the GPS but lands up couple of shops away, he may assume that the store is relocated and you lose a business opportunity. Take a minute to double check your map pin to avoid such issues.
  4. Reviews and ratings – Reviews can be a massive game changer for a business. A lot of your existing or past customers can leave a positive or a negative remark for all your potential customers to read. The smart thing to do as a business owner is to stay connected with your clients and grow your relationships. People like to be acknowledged, hence respond to all the reviews – negative or positive to grow your customer base and increase customer loyalty. Keep the communication open with your clients.
  5. Images – Google local listing offers the option of uploading images of your business and products or services for everyone to see. Do not neglect this area, but take control and upload appealing pictures of our business that will invite customers to the store.