Search Engine Marketing / Google Adwords, Bing Paid Advertising

Expert AdWords Setup, Optimization & Consulting

AdWords setup is complicated and costly. Let us help you save time & costly errors. 

At Dallas Search Engine Marketing company we do this FREE!.  Our clients do not have to pay the extra cost of SEM services.  Give us a call and let us explain how we can bundle our free SEM services for free. 

There is more to search engine marketing than meets the eye. This includes a wide range of tasks and responsibilities, all of which are based on making your website visible to search engine users.

If someone is searching for your business online, it’s imperative that they are able to find it without delay. Furthermore, you want to push your website to the top of the search engines for your target keywords.

Through a search engine marketing and paid advertising strategy, you can rest assured that your target audience will be able to find your website.

PPC Strategy

With the right pay per click advertising strategy, you can guarantee that your website appears in the search results for keywords associated with your business.

There is a lot that goes into creating a PPC strategy, including: selecting the right keywords, setting a budget, and tracking results.

We can help you with every aspect of your strategy to ensure that you spend your money wisely. Remember, it’s all about your return on investment (ROI).

Search Engine Marketing Implementation

It’s one thing to create a search engine marketing and advertising strategy. It’s another thing entirely to implement this plan in a way that will generate top of the line results.

We are masters of implementation, ensuring that you get the biggest bang for your buck in regards to your time, money, and other resources.


Which keywords best define your business? Do you know which secondary keywords can drive the most traffic to your website?

Selecting the right keywords is easier said than done. With our help, we will create a list of keywords for both organic and PPC campaigns.

Google AdWords Writing

You can pay as much as you want for online advertising, but it doesn’t do you any good unless people click through to your website.

Our AdWords writing ensures that your copy is created to attract visitors. From there, we will continue to test different variations to determine what works best.

Implementation of Ad Extension

Are you using ad extensions in correspondence with your PPC strategy? With the right extensions in place, your ads will stand out from the crowd – and this is extremely important in today’s day and age.

PPC Optimization

Optimization is not something you focus on today but forget about tomorrow. If you want to reach peak performance and remain at the top, it’s essential to optimize your PPC campaigns on an ongoing basis.

Our approach will help you outdo the competition, lower your costs, and improve your click through rate. What more could you want?

Retargeting and Contextual Marketing

Retargeting may be an advanced strategy, but it’s one that we can help you take advantage of. With this, you can keep your company in front of bounced traffic. Conversely, this gives you the opportunity to improve your conversion rate – even if you aren’t successful in making a conversion the first time around.


Data, data, and more data. This is what PPC advertising is all about. On day one, we set up a tracking system to ensure that each and every piece of data is collected. We then use this data in the future to optimize your campaigns.


We generate reports that include useful data and insights in regards to your search marketing and paid advertising campaigns.

This shows what we’ve done in the past, what we plan on doing in the future, how your competition is performing, and much more.