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Why you need Organic Search Engine Optimization?

You’ve launched your website, and are now waiting for visitors to your online storefront. Dallas SEO Experts at KISS PR, we believe that your website should be a visual extension of what your business has to offer. Let’s say that you’re a Medical Spa that operates daily from 9AM to 5PM. Not too long ago, potential clients would have to find your business using the Yellow Pages, and then call your business during its normal hours of operation. If they happened to call after hours, they would have to leave a voicemail and hope that you returned the call. Thankfully, that time has changed!. Get a free session with our Dallas SEO Qamar Zaman today.

The advancement of the internet has given potential customers the ability to search for anything using major search engines such as Google, YAHOO, or BING. A person can type “best lip injections near me,” and will instantly be returned multiple different search results.

How Google decides to return those result will vary based on your device and location. If you use a mobile device and you were searching from a zip code in Dallas, TX you will see results listed differently than if you were searching from a Plano, TX zip code.

Hopefully this gives you an idea of how search engines provide unique data to each individual person.

What Google displays to the user will consist of:


MAP Results

News Articles / Press Releases


Local Business Listings

YouTube Videos


Search Suggestions Searches related to your term

SEO Packages

Kiss Pr Seo Works For
All Types Of Businesses

Here are some of our case studies

Retail / E-Commerce Financial Technology
CPA / Bookkeeping Service HVAC  Companies Doctors
Addiction Centers Occupational Medicine Speech Pathology Clinics

Pediatrics Dentist Hair Replacement Airlines
Banks Coffee Shops Bloggers Personal Brands
Personal Injury LawCriminal Defense LawyersBusiness Lawyers Employment Attorneys

How Can Your Business Rank & Get Page 1 SEO Results

The process of ranking a website in a search engine, for example Google, is called “Organic Rankings.” Placing the ads in Google are called Google AdWords and Google Adwords Express which are products offered by Google known as paid media advertising.

Digital Media and Marketing consist of Organic Rankings, Blogs, Press Releases, Images, Google Map results called Google My Business, and paid media. To be successful at all of these you need to work with an agency who has a matchless track record of success with their clients!

Kiss PR team always has a plan in place to help you reach your short and long-term goals and will provide you with progress along the way.


With All The Noise And Conflicting Advice Out There
— Who Are You Supposed To Believe?

Take our 2 part plan to first understand SEO & Link Building Myths

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Common Branding & SEO PROBLEMS Frustrating Business Owners

Do you currently have a Google 1 Ranking, but are still not receiving inquiring phone calls?

Have you tried Adwords in the past, but found it to be expensive and not worth the results?

Have updates to Google dropped your website in ranking?

Everyone is chasing Social Media but it is time consuming and develops no leads

By helping Google provide better quality results, we help control polluting the search results or Search Engine Ranking Pages (SERP) which provides a better search ecosystem for our client’s success and happiness.


“KISS PR simply creates content that converts. There are many companies who can create content these days. Yet, there is a difference between good and bad content similar to music.”

Qamar Zaman / CEO of KISS PR


SEO Plans requires various steps that are broken
down in sequence of predictable steps

SEO Consultancy

OUR Dallas SEO Experts Qamar Zaman, Katie Lynn, Agnes Zang and Beca Richards help you create a content and link strategy, which includes defining objectives, choosing keywords, and creating content to map those keywords. Our in-house Google certified experts and content marketing experts will give you the support you require, and communicate every step of the way.

Keyword And Market Research

A sound SEO strategy starts with the right keyword and market research. You don’t have to take our suggestions, but we can help you choose keywords that match your business and will help you get discovered based on the topic a person is searching.

Technical SEO Audit

Before we start a new project, we’ve established key metrics that we use to help us identify the foundation of any website. To rank a website requires 3 critical factors:

On Page SEO

This refers to your website’s meta tags, which are words search engines use to summarize your website’s content.

Off Page SEO

This refers to links from other sites that your website has earned over a period of time. If you are a new website, we will also check to see if your website has had any prior history in case you purchased the domain from someone else.

On Technical SEO factors

This refers to the way your website’s code is written and how the search engine views your code as friendly or not.


What are good links for your type of business

​What Are 9 SEO Factors for
Google Page 1 Rankings & Best
Leads & Conversion?​​

Besides having a beautiful website you need to be sure that the
following areas are on point to get stellar search results.
These are the following things:

Website Architecture

We will review your website to make sure your website meets website performance standards across all device platforms. In short, we will do everything to put your website in a position to achieve success with anyone who can access it.

CONTENT (Website Content and Blogs)

A website that ranks well must have unique content that makes someone visiting decide to stay on the website. By doing that we are able to keep your website from developing a high bounce rate of potential customers leaving without browsing further. Recommended content types are:

Web pages


News articles




User Generated Content

*It is very important that your website content is not spun and unique in nature and if the content has been copied from other places like vendor sites we use best practices recommended by Google.*

Press Releases for SEO

We take immense pride in the network of connections we have built, including but not limited to journalists, bloggers, and influencers in many industries. By relying on these developed relationships, we leverage press releases new media to create quality content.

Influencer Content

Influencer marketing is the future.

“Starting from a base of zero means, micro-influencers have a direct, personal connection with their audience. They have a very intimate sense of who they are, and what they like. A micro-influencer not only understands his or her audience members, but respects them.”


Kiss PR reaches out to these micro-influencers and helps companies find, engage, and build win-win relationships with these top micro social-influencers.

Infographics And Interactive Content

There is more to content marketing than the written word. If you are interested in infographics and interactive content, both of which can be extremely powerful tools, you have come to the right place.

Use of Social Media

At KISS PR, we cohesively bring together content types like blogs, press releases, and social media updates with our SEO. Doing this creates websites that people spend more time on and helps convert cold traffic to warm leads.

Retargeting And Contextual Marketing

Retargeting is also known as remarketing. Only 2% of first time visitors to a website typically convert into purchasing your product or service. We follow the lost visitor to bring them back using Google approved methods.

“Remarketing campaigns are used to show ads to people who have visited your website or used your app. These campaigns provide you with extra settings and reports specifically for reaching previous visitors and users.”

Reporting Analysis & Conversion Optimization

When you invest in search engine optimization, you should know what’s happening at all times and at KISS PR we believe communication is the key to success.

“Our team has the experience and link outreach connections necessary to help you build high quality, relevant links that will have a positive impact on your rankings. We only build Google safe links.” - Qamar Zaman SEO Expert

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