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What to Look For When Hiring a Web Design Contractor?

Business information can be 'very well' represented and marketed online with the help of a Website. Remember, website is the source which represents your business to your potential customers and converts the visitors to warm leads. So, make sure to design or update your website to get a professional look.

Building a website for your business from scratch is not an easy task. Website design and development can be complex and it requires skills like coding and graphic design. However, website building has also become simple with the numerous tools available in the market. With a simple function of drag and drop you can now build a website on your own; but if you want to explore and rank your website well on search engines then it has to be built with good architecture, following onsite SEO and webmaster guidelines. For which you would need a help of a professional.

Make sure to hire a web design contractor who is familiar with Onsite SEO and webmaster guidelines. When people are continuously searching for products and services online it is important to build a website that will respond to these searches and attract probable clients. Websites have inbuilt features that cater to the search engine requirements like keywords, titles and meta descriptions. The web design contractor should be comfortable with these features and understand their functions and use them appropriately for the business. A website built with Google webmaster guidelines and well onsite SEO can do wonders on search results. Below are few more key skills to look for in web design contractor

  1. Visual Design – Visual design primarily encompasses the look and feel of the website. For instance, this determines if the website appears and feels light and joyfully – which can be depicted using bright colours like yellow. There are several other factors that determine the look and feel of the site like proportions of typography, grid and colour systems etc. the web design contractor should be comfortable with experimenting with different types of fonts and colours for the website.
  2. User Experience – User experience or UX is all about the user and how he feels while visiting your website. The web designer here is expected to work from the user's perspective. This requires far more than just design skills. It is important to understand the personality of the type of users you are expecting and their behaviour to design the website and nail the user experience.
  3. Design Software – Website designing also requires the knowledge and expertise of several tools to finish the job. Some popular tools used across the industry are Adobe Photoshop, illustrator, sketch etc.,
  4. HTML & CSS – HTML and CSS are basic skills required for a web design contractor. HTML is required to give structure to the content on a web page. It determines which bunch of words are headings, paragraphs or footers. CSS is the code that is used to format and style HTML. With CSS a web designer can add text colour, change the font or add a background image to the page.

Apart from the basic technical skills, a web design contractor should also have excellent soft skills to apply the technical knowledge and get the job done.

  • Good Communication: Maintain a clear channel of communication with the client to meet or exceed their expectations.
  • Time Management to juggle multiple projects and client or business management.
  • As part of client management the web design contractor should be able to understand the requirements and financial goals of the company and deliver work accordingly for a sustainable business.