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Problems Faced By Most Law Firms

Dallas Criminal Lawyer - Mick Mickelsen

“Google Page 1 Ranking & Higher Visibility Is Not The Solution.”

Mike Young, Dallas Best
Business & Internet Lawyer

“Marketing a law firm requires careful planning. Similar to how a lawyer prepares for a trial and jury selection, lawyer marketing also requires a lot of work”.

It’s important to realize that you not only put your website at stake but can also lose years
of revenue if not done with prudence. Rick Nelson, Nelson Law



TYPICAL - 5 Common Problems Most Law Firms Face Every 2-3 Years

Typically law firms spends 1 to 3 years with a SEO or lawyer marketing company and then become restless. This is usually when they decide to try and search for the next company that they think will get better results.

Before I begin to explain the solution, let me help you identify the problem.

.1/ Law firms finds a new company because a different marketing company reaches out

.2/ New SEO company bad mouths old SEO so now the lawyer is willing to listen

.3/ They continue using scare tactic phrases like “smart way of marketing, conversion rate optimization, Google is punishing sites if they are not 100% mobile etc.”

.4/ Simply put, they create a fear based mindset that causes the law firm to start questioning all of their decisions.

.5/ Since our brains are not designed to live in fear or be unsure, the lawyer starts to listen and believe the new company

If you are not happy with your lawyer SEO reason and are in search of answers, the best first step is website audit. We will review your website and if we can help without criticizing what they did and you can see the value we offer we can start your project on a month to month retainer basis. NO CONTRACTS. Book your free session here.

Why Lawyers Don’t Trust Themselves?

1) Self Doubt

This problem already exists in their mind so all the marketing company did was give enough flame to the fire to create doubt.

2) Not Knowing What to Expect & How to Measure Results

Lawyer makes is to take a leap of faith and hire the new company, not realizing that they’re diminishing the last two years of progress they have made, and now back to square one.

“It’s important to realize that you not only put your website at stake but can also lose years of revenue if not done with prudence. “

Rick Nelson, Nelson Law

How Can Lawyers Find The Right Lawyer Marketing / SEO Solution?

A trial lawyer is very careful in jury selection, and it’s crucial that they are just as selective in the process of hiring the right Lawyer Marketing company. Marketing and SEO are not easy processes and legal marketing on Google has become a very competitive market. When you need ‘X’ number of clicks to convert a visitor on your website and the cost of single-clicks for a personal injury keyword can range from $26 to $78, you need to make science-based decisions and not emotional ones.

Qamar Zaman, Lawyer Marketing Expert - Attorney Million Dollar Growth Expert (™)

High Ticket SEO Expert For Lawyers (SM)

Most Recommended Steps Our Successful Clients Took:

Necessary Questions You Should Ask Potential SEO Lawyer Marketing Companies

.1/ Has the lawyer SEO company been successful in getting quality leads for the law firms?

Most SEO companies are concerned with getting a website ranked, but leave getting quality leads up to the Law Firm. Typically, most lawyers assume this is their responsibility. But when the quality of phone calls are not that great they blame the internet.

Solution: At KISS PR, we develop a law firm’s SEO, while also focusing on conversion optimization.

.2/ Has the SEO Company marketed for other attorneys?

If the answer is yes. Get three references and call their clients. Make sure you speak directly with a partner who handles marketing for the firm. When you speak with the partner, don’t be shy when it comes to inquiring about the number of cases they receive and the percentage of those that are actually good cases that convert into clients. These metrics will help you know if the marketing expert knows the legal intake and lead generation principles for law. You want quality cases not spam.

Solution: At KISS PR, we continue to get results for lawyers that make them choose to trust us.

.3/ Was the firm impacted by Google penalties due to the lawyer marketing expert tactics?

Since 2012, there have been many Google updates including Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird. If the expert has implemented white hat SEO, the website would not have be impacted and there are many ways to check.

Solution: Without getting into the technical details, if you think your site may need an audit please call Qamar Zaman directly at 214-915-0517​.

.4/ Does the incumbent company have a minimum of 3 years of law firm marketing, website design, blog writing and intake experience?

These components are crucial and the attorney marketing expert you are discussing your goals with should get an A+ grade in each subject. You are going to spend your hard earned money, so be sure to not settle for someone who does not measure up for all key components.

Solution: At KISS PR we have a professional team that has been working in the law firm marketing field for over 10 years, since 2004.

.5/ Does the expert rely on the in-house expertise of it’s own legal content development team?

It’s imperative that you have a content team that is knowledgeable about the field being discussed. It is equally important to have writers that are respected and skilled in the process of successful blog writing.

Solution: At KISS PR we have an in-house legal content development team that has been featured in Forbes, Huffington Post, CNN, New York Times

Successful Track Record Of 20 Years

Once you complete the interview, it’s now time to test KISS PR Lawyer Marketing that gets quality cases!

When you let us incorporate our six factors of Brain Science into developing your Law Firm’s SEO, we will take your law firm from mediocre to superior.
Call us today and let us help your law firm website become a quality lead generating machine. The solution isn’t spending more money on pay-per-click service or running better SEO, but trusting who is performing those services for your company.

Our Results

averages per month

Dallas personal injury lawyer:

33-60 cases per month

Dallas criminal lawyer:

6-8 criminal defense $10K value cases

New York Medical Malpractice lawyer:

8-12 cases

Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyer

33-55 cases per month

Dallas Employment Lawyer:

10-19 cases per month


We have over 100 + VIP Case Studies We work with 1 Lawyer per market
We focus on Page 1 Google Rankings, Quality Links,
Epic Web Designs & 100% Focus on Conversion

What types of law firms can we help?

We ONLY work with law firms who are willing to be successful. ZERO TOLERANCE FOR POOR MINDSET

Most SEO companies want to be aggressive about their online marketing and will follow any strategy it takes to get there. Few companies know that being aggressive can result in Google penalties.

We will not recommend these tactics. You want to build a website and SEO that will adapt to all Google updates and be continually change every year.

We build your website and SEO like a fortress

For over 16+ years we have worked with all practice areas of law, and we have gained a lot of intel that has allowed us to work with any type of law firm.

Before we design your custom strategy, we will prepare a marketing blueprint that is specific to your area of practice and your perfect customer.



Medical & Health

Business & Finance

Real Estate





What do we do differently to make you superior
in marketing your law firm great?

Marketing Blueprint - SEO Analysis of your top online and offline competitors

We build a plan for your law firm to be found on the internet with focus on Google, Bing & Yahoo. While Yahoo and Bing don't get a lot of traffic comparing to Google, we don't ignore these traffic sources. To dominate the market we go after all possible search variations, rather than just a handful of keywords. In SEO terms, these are called short and long tail keywords. Our goal is to go for intent-based keywords as these convert better than a single keyword. For example, we would use “Dallas car wreck lawyer” vs. “I got in a car wreck or I got hit,” to garner a larger conversion. If you want to gain John Smith’s business you have to be able to look through the world using his eyes.

Usability Design Blueprint - Usability Factor in SEO

Website Design: Most SEO companies argue that you need to spend money on a fancy website because a more visually appealing website is what is most important. However, we find this to be a false positive. Most SEO companies do not have any data about your website when pitching you a new design. Remember, most of the time these companies don't even have access to your Google analytics and are merely trying to sell.

When we talk to clients, we ask to see old analytics. We audit server logs and Google analytics. We look at bounce rate and where the traffic is being lost as an auditor would do.

Tested Conversion Means Quality Leads

After we have make changes to things requiring attention, we split test the design of traffic-getting pages.

Once we know which pages on the website are good candidates for conversion, we will continue to improve the design and look to build TRUST as an element of transformation. After this stage, we will only recommend a new model or re-design of your website if we find if necessary. By doing this we save you money and are able to build a predictable system.

How We Convert Quality Leads

Most law firms do a poor job of building a conversion funnel.

We strive to bring you cases, not just traffic. We do this for our clients by building customer journeys through a digital experience.

When prospects arrive at a website, they are new to the scene. They require our design to be helpful in order to educate them on their next step. Our law firm marketing company specializes in building customer journeys design to help your law firm get quality leads today, and also keep your law firm at the top of people’s thoughts when their friends and family members need you.

Are You Losing Customers Due to Ugly Website?

People commonly hear from SEO and Website Design Companies that they are losing business due to their website design. They will tell you that they have done years of testing and consumer feedback, without offering you data to substantiate any claims.

Would you rather have a website that just looks attractive or one that is bringing you results that you want? We work with many law firms that are performing 10 times better in conversion optimization then to sites that are simply attractive. Don't fall for these types of sales gimmicks and end up spending more money for less results.

We Don't Sell You a Website Based on Theories and Emotions

The design of your website is a critical process that develops the base of your working relationship. However, you need to be shown data that you are losing cases due to a new design. A good SEO can only conclude this after conducting usability testing on your website.

SEO Claims to Low-Cost Marketing & SEO Services

It is a common misconception that low-cost SEO will give you the results you seek. SEO is a time-consuming process and requires content marketing, link building, social media, design and usability testing, and ongoing audit and review. We spend a lot of hours cohesively bringing together these different parts of SEO in order to achieve results that few companies can match! While most law firms outsource this work for less expensive labor, you can still do things right and ethically with KISS PR. We help you keep cost down, which helps the SEO and law firm both have a WIN-WIN situation.

We believe in Keeping it Super Simple like our name K-I-S-S!

Get quality leads that CONVERT for your law
firm with KISS PR SEO & Lawyer Marketing