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Instagram Growth Service

Done for you Organic IG Growth. Become Instagram Brand With Our Insta Marketing

KISS PR offers managed organic Instagram growth service. This social media program is designed for small to medium sized businesses. Our Instagram experts will also manage Facebook, Google Business and organic Instagram growth under this plan..

This package includes

High quality, tailored, images and story content.

Finding and posting appropriate relevant engaging content based on your target audience.

Seasonal promotions.

Paid Amplification from time to time, subject to approval.

Google Local Map Amplification - To be on 1st page of Google this will help you achieve page 1 Google rankings

Local Directory Listings - 1 year contract required.

What your client can expect

Increased audience followers & likes

Real, relevant, followers

Seasonal promotions.

Content engagement

Enquiries and sales leads

Improved Google Map Rankings for local business


$985 per month - Monthly Price


1 Year Price $895 per month

[With 2 blogs / 1 Press Release per month 500 words posted on newsroom we create on KISS Story Platform. $ 450 per month value. 12 Month Contract Required. ]

Is Your Company’s Social Media Marketing Getting You the Results You Want?

Over the last few years, Social Media Marketing has become a constant source of reaching not only your local customer, but also potential customers who would not have discovered you without it. Unfortunately, most businesses are simply too busy with day-to-day operations to be able to find the time it takes to update their social media accounts.

Learn to walk with Social Media Before Trying to Run

Social Consultancy: Where do I begin?

At KISS PR we sit down and listen to what your goals are and then formulate a plan to produce your desired results. With over 10 years experience and an expert team, we have taken the hassle out of maintaining your Social Platforms so you are able to focus more on running your business.

Help? I have never done this before... Start ups

Help? I already do Social Media Marketing and I’m not getting the results I want to see!

No Matter Your Current Situation ---> WE CAN HELP!

Biggest Misconceptions about Social Media Marketing

Social Media is only for the younger generation and not your customer

You can’t track your Return-on-Investment with Social Media Marketing

Having Social Media Platforms opens your brand up to negativity

Social Media Marketing and Digital Media Marketing are the same things

Start by Establishing your Plan

One of the biggest mistakes that companies make is by not having a clear strategy when it comes to Social Media Marketing. We will sit down with you and ask a few major questions to help you decide the best campaign strategy for your brand.

What are your Company’s desired goals with Social Media Marketing?

Are you wanting to have a better way to interact with your customers, build brand exposure, or promote a specific product? With so many different ways to use social media, it’s important to remember what’s at the heart of your goal.

Organic Instagram growth marketinng service is usually only centered around customer engagement but at KISS PR we focus on developing your post and content that will also increase your SEO by attracting your target customer.

The good news for you

45% of marketers note social media has a below average cost-per-lead compared to other channels

62% of companies using Linkedin for marketing have acquired a customer from it

52% of companies using Facebook for marketing have acquired a customer from it

Here’s how we do our job to make yours hassle free:

We give you a personal Customer Satisfaction Manager

Why and how In detail…..

Invest in your Business and Brand

Our sit down in detail….

Map out your Social Strategy and develop your Content Calendar

What goes into this process...

Begin posting and work our magic

Talk about our different avenues of posting based off strategy

Give you access to our reporting

Go into detail about our reporting and their access to it?