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Public Relations


Storytelling Through News & Podcasts

Genius is Free We only charge for placements.

We build and amplify your brand story…

Public Relations 1

Getting Your Story Published
in Large Media To Get Website Growth!

We are ready to tell your brand’s story

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Digital Public Relations Expert

KISS PR Story is a leading online storytelling/podcast and video marketing agency that helps businesses tell their stories and grow using content as a core of what we do. We create stories about business or personal brands. This results in your potential customers get to know like and trust you. — all while telling them about your unique and compelling story.

Qamar Zaman Chief Growth Officer.

“Through our team of talented content marketing experts and PR professionals, we craft captivating stories that are amplified with MEDIA PLACEMENTS securing predictable results using news, press coverage and press release distribution. ”

Our purpose is to help illuminate your BRAND brighter, and this is exactly what we will achieve – to make sure you are in the spotlight you deserve.

We Build Your E-A-T

The pressure to succeed is so intense for business owners these days, and what is more, it is essential that small business owners differentiate their brand with a public relations program, and leverage the possibilities offered by digital PR and influencer marketing to build your expertise, authority and trust! E-A-T

Public Relations 3

We Amplify 100% Results!

In contrast to the traditional PR model that charges a large retainer and send
out pitches​ only to create invoice fatigue, we do in 3 steps



We Build Your Brand Story

In contrast to the traditional PR model that charges a large retainer and send out pitches​



1000+ Niche Media Sites

With our partnership with over 1000+ niche media sites, digital publications, we get amplify inclusion. You only pay for placements!



Google Knowledge Panel

We can also secure: Google Knowledge Panel and IG verification.

Public Relations 4

In What Ways Can I Take Advantage Of This?

  • Build credibility and social proof
  • Increase authority score of personal / business brand on google
  • Raise brand trust
  • Get real traffic from quality news websites
  • Favored by google e-a-t [SEO through credible backlinks]

Suited for YOU!

We have already established relationships with
the media, so you can get featured!

Public Relations 5

Business PR Teams

Make all your company news available to journalists in one location.

Public Relations 6

White Label Our Service

Build an additional revenue stream. Use our newsroom technology and reach large media outlets.

Public Relations 7

Social Media Influencers

With our media database of over 10,000 news outlets, you can get publicity for your personal brand.

We Partner Directly with Media Outlets. NO Middleman! Saves Time and Cost!

🏆 +1000 large media outlets, bloggers, and influencers.

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